The Ranipokharior “Queen’s Pond,” is located near the center of the capital, with a lush, beautiful garden surrounding it’s fenced perimeter. This temple is not open to the public, but rather remains gated off in honor of the queen who it was constructed for.  The pond surrounding the temple is filled (practically to the brim) with huge fish.  I couldn’t get a straight answer from anyone here, or Google, as to what kind of fish they are, but they look a lot like tadpoles would look if they were ever to grow to 3-4 feet in length.  Being that this man-made pond hasn’t been cleaned in some time (according to some accounts, hundreds of years), and due to dropping water levels, the pond is going to be emptied this winter, cleaned, and refilled.  The thousands of fish that we saw swimming around the other day will be carefully removed, transferred to another pond temporarily, and then returned to the Ranipokhari once it has been cleaned.  I am fascinated at the idea of someone having to catch all of these huge fish, and wish we could be here to see the process.