Small Country, Big Bugs

Though we may technically be living in a resource-poor setting, there is certainly no shortage of large insects.  These beetles, in particular, like to hang around the office, and fly in like helicopters in the evenings.  They are not, however, very coordinated or intelligent.  As soon as the buzz into a room, the usually run into a wall, resulting in an undesirable, upside-down landing.  Once the beetles find themselves in this compromising position, they generally initiate the hour-or-so-long project of trying to right themselves.  As you can imagine, a beetle this size, flailing upside-down on the floor, can make quite a racket.  They also make a sort of chirping, hissing sound when you try to help turn them back over, which can be quite startling if you’re not ready for it.  This week, I’ve not only restored two to their “full and upright positions,” but have also removed them from the office, and fished one out of the sink.

A friend of ours, who used to live in Thailand, told us that people keep such beetles as pets there, and train them to fight one another gladiator-style.  Amazing beasts.