The Tale of the Pig-on

A gentleman from the neighborhood who we have gotten to know was faced with an interesting dilemma recently.  One of the neighborhood cats apparently got into his house and killed his prized “pig-on.”

Within Nepali tradition, having chiriya (birds) that live in your house is considered very lucky, as discussed in a former post.  Apparently, the pig-on is a particularly auspicious bird.

As we sat around a table sharing a cup of chiiya and some boka maasu (goat meat) the other night, our friend began recounting the tale of the pig-on.  He was initially very sad, until he came to the realization that in retribution for the killing of his pig-on, he would poison the cat.  The cat, however, did not take the poison, and his neighbor was kind enough to catch the unassuming feline in a fabric sack.  The cat was not, at any point thereafter, let out of the bag.  On the contrary, the cat in the bag was given to the fiercest of the neighborhood’s dogs, a wily beast with a furry tail, who proceeded to annihilate the cat.

As our host completed his woeful tale, which included not a shred of pity for the hungry feline, he very matter-of-factly stated:

“Pig-on is member of family.”

[NOTE: The “pig-on” that met its untimely fate, was a pigeon.]