Thanksgiving in Nepal

Question:  One might on occasion wonder what it takes to make Thanksgiving in Nepal?

Answer: First, it takes a motley assortment of goods, some garnered from a variety of tiny shops, and some transported across the world in suitcases.


Next, it takes an entire day of peeling potatoes, building a wood fire, taking turns using the two “burners,” waiting for water to boil, cutting the meat off of still-warm chicken carcasses, and strategizing about what strange ingredients you can substitute for the ones you really need.

After that, it takes brainstorming about how best to mash 20 pounds of potatoes without anything resembling a potato masher, calculating how much powdered milk with result in the desired creaminess, and explaining the tradition of making a tiny well in the middle of the potato pile and putting gravy into it.

Finally, it takes the willingness and trust of your favorite Nepali doctors and hospital staff to expose their digestive tracts to this strange, improvised American food and holiday.

Combine all of these elements, and you will not only end up with an excellent feast, but you will gain the added reward of smiles from all those sharing in this foreign tradition.