All the Pretty Nurses

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Bayalpata Hospital Nurses, Tara Bhattrai, Gauri Sunar, Satya Khati, Sangita Nepali (right to left) entering patient data into the Inpatient Department registers.  These lovely ladies can also be credited with not only compassionately installing an IV in my arm and dosing me with fluids and antibiotics during my recent bout of amoebic dysentery, but also with making sure I had enough blankets to keep me warm while the cold fluids chilled me to the core.  I had never  considered the effects of storing intravenous fluids at wintertime “room temperature” in unheated buildings.  Now, however, I can vouch for the fact that injecting a few liters of cold saline into one’s arm is rather unpleasant!

The Bayalpata Hospital Clinical, Data, and Research Departments have been working collaboratively to improve patient data management systems.  I have personally built and re-built some of our forms 5-10 times, in an effort to reach consensus on what was most “user friendly.”  This week, the nursing staff is piloting the use of a new patient vital sign monitoring form, which is hoped to streamline the process of documenting patient vital signs around the clock.

12-26-12x[I have removed all patient names except my own from the above image.  Even though HIPAA doesn’t exist here, and the notion of privacy is largely unheard of, my US-structured patient confidentiality notions wouldn’t let me post the original photo.]