Registration Time

1-8-13 (26)

A typical morning at the Bayalpata Hospital Data Office, where patients come to register before receiving outpatient services.  Colpina didi is responsible for registering all patients who arrive during the morning hours, recording their basic demographic information, and providing them with a registration card and patient number.  The patients then wait outside of the Outpatient Department  (OPD) until their names are called, signaling the availability of an examination room.  The hospital’s OPD may see anywhere from 10 to 300 patients per day.

This is, in addition, the area where many patients will congregate to “view” me, while I am sitting at my computer typing.  Children in particular (though not only children) will often stand with their noses pressed against the window for up to 20 minutes, observing whatever is going on inside.  My general rule is that if someone stares for more than 15 minutes, I get out the camera and take their picture from the inside of the window.  It likely doesn’t convey the message that I’m trying to send, but it’s always fun.